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From: A.K.
Subject: "A Fairy Tale?" 14/14 (College)----------------------------A FAIRY TALE?
by Andrej Koymasky (C) 2006
written the 7th of March, 1993
translated by the author
English text kindly revised
by Vicent-----------------------------USUAL DISCLAIMER"A FAIRY TALE?" is a gay story, with some parts containing graphic
scenes of sex between males. So, if in your land, religion, family,
opinion and so on this is not good for you, it will be better not to
read this story. But if you really want, or because YOU don't care, or
because you think you preteen lolita kdz pics
really want to read it, please be my welcomed
guest.-----------------------------CHAPTER 14 - And they lived together, happy and ever afterMartino introduced to David his two only and real friends, Lino and
Vincenzo. David thought that the two youths were a very beautiful couple
and soon became their friend. Lino and Vincenzo were happy for their
friend's reached happiness."We also should try to find a small apartment all for us." Lino said."Being I a carabiniere, it would be really difficult to justify the fact
that I live together with you, Lino, you know this... The corps are not
at all tender about our private life. We are never really free.""You can take the apartment only at your name and say you live alone...
They won't possibly come to check who you bring in it, will they?" David
said."No, sure, but if Lino lived with me, they would for sure get to know it
and...""But even now Lino often comes to your home... And at times he spends
his nights with you." Martino said."It's different. Believe me, I too would like being able to live with
you, Lino.""While we were looking for our apartment, we saw in Svizzera Boulevard
some studios, just finished to built. Some were communicating, so that
they could be rented separated or united. If each of you takes one of
them, bordering the other, nobody can know if the internal door is
locked or open, could they?" Martino suggested."Yes... it could work, and it would be great... Do you think they still
have two free communicating studios?" Vincenzo asked with a hope light
in his eyes."I think so when we saw them about half were still vacant. You can go
and see..."They were lucky each of them rented one of two bordering studios and
moved there.When David and Martino went to see them in their new place, Lino merrily
said, "We have even the double bathroom like in a luxury apartment!
About the communicating door, we could not ask for the key, you see, but
Vincenzo managed to open it So I discovered that my beautiful
carabiniere can also be, luckily, a skilled burglar!" He concluded with
humor.They chatted sitting on Lino's "side" that was furnished as a living
Lino sitting on Vincenzo's lap and David on Martin's. At times each
couple kissed, exchanged a tender, intimate caress and the fact they
could share without worries even such sweet intimacy was a precious gift
for both couples. On Vincenzo's "side" they had put a king-size bed and
the studio. On Lino's side, besides the living room and the kitchen, a
small drawing room. The communication door on Vincenzo's side was hidden
behind a big panel to hang cloths and a chest on wheels so that, if
Vincenzo had to receive a colleague, nobody could suspect that from
there it was possible to pass in the neighboring studio.The life together pre lolitas naked com involved an adaptation period for Martino and Daniel,
but the thousand little problems of daily habits to change were all
overcome without real difficulties, thanks to the love and honesty with
which they faced them.For Martino was easy, and also pleasurable, to get used to sleep in the
nude and to go around almost undressed. Less easy, but all the same
pleasurable, being interrupted from time to time in his studies by the
caresses of David, lit with desire for him. Less easy and less
pleasurable having to care for the housework that he never did before
and that he had now to share with his lover.For David it was easy and pleasurable getting used to be waken up in the
deep of the night by the caresses and kisses of Martino who desired to
unite to him. Less easy but all the same pleasurable being interrupted,
while he was looking at his preferred programs on the TV, by the vision
of a naked and aroused Martino, who placed himself between him and the
TV set with a tempting smile on his lips. Not easy and not so
pleasurable having to get used to the mania for order of Martino.Each of them had his own little manias, his dislikes, and they had to
overcome those also, adapting themselves to each other, at times with
sincere enthusiasm, at times with pain. But both were determined to
overcome them.They also spent part of their time chatting, talking, discussing,
Martino became aware that David didn't have a humanistic, scholastic
culture, but that he was rich of a different kind of culture, simple,
popular, but not for that less fascinating and valuable. Martino had
several things to teach David, but also much to learn from him.Martino grew fond and affectionate with Lorenzo and Matteo and they
often met in their home or in that of the two brothers'. He seldom met
his father, about once each month, and always alone he couldn't take
David with him and this bothered him. They had also little matter to
tell each other, as he couldn't talk about David, about his happy life
with him.With the monthly allowance he received from his father and David's
salary they managed to have a life without problems. At times they even
saved a little money that they used lolita picture galleries free to do short journeys, when David had
a few days free from his job. One of the first trips they did was to
Florence to see the original of David's statue."So then, was Michelangelo skilled?" David asked him, standing near the
statue where, in a moment that the wardens were not there, Martino shot
him a picture."Well, not really good-good. Nearly good, let's say." Martino sweetly
answered him."Do you still prefer me?""The original can never be surpassed by a copy. Did you know that
Michelangelo unveiled his David's statue to the public exactly on the
day of your birthday, and exactly four hundred and sixty years before
your were born?""No, really? Four hundred and sixty years, you say? That's funny!""Funny? And why?""Because... I feel that if we multiply your age when we met by mine...
the result must be right 460..." David said thoughtfully.Martino looked at him and a question that forever ran through his mind
and that he always put pre lolitas naked com
aside, finally surfaced spontaneous to his lips,
"You, nubile russuan lolita movies David, do you believe my story of the little David's statue, of my
dreams, of my powers?"His lover looked at him stupefied, "Sure! Why would I not?""But how do you explain it?""I don't even try. So many unexplainable things happen in life. What do
we know? For instance, how did it come that we met, right you and I? How
did it come that we fell in love at first sight, both of us? How did it
come that we are now here, making these speeches?""Do you believe in chance?""We call `chance' all we are not able to explain, don't you think? Or we
call it magic, or miracle, or... But we should, we can do nothing but
surrender to the fact that there will always be something unexplainable,
can we? What need is there to always know the whys and wherefores about
everything? Let's just enjoy the beautiful things that life offers us,
and endure the bad ones...""But mankind progresses just because it always asks itself the various
whys, don't you think?""Yes, yes. Sure. And progress is a good thing, if it helps us to live in
a better way. But at the end, what really counts, is the joy, the pain,
the love and they exist, outside understanding the whys... I don't
think that, after all, we are so different from our prehistoric
ancestors also the cave's men have had their Martino and David,
wouldn't they? And I don't think that their love was different from
ours, was it? They would have probably looked for a cave all for them
and... and they loved each other exactly as we do..."Martino smiled at him nodding in assent and thought that after all, when
they were naked in their mountain shelter, immersed in the nature, they
were really like a primeval, eternal Martino and David.He graduated at the university in the regular time and celebrated it
with David, Lorenzo, Matteo, Lino and Vincenzo. His father made a last
premium transfer in his account then didn't send him any more money, as
he had decided.Martino had to do military service and his father, without him asking
for it, did so that he had to do it in lolita loguestbook ls preteen
their city, as a reserve medical
officer in the Army Hospital. Martino was happy with that, as in this
way he was not sent far from his David.When the army service was over, Martino found a job in the General
Hospital of their city, and also opened his private surgery. He now
earned good money. From time to time he continued to see his father, and
they never talked about David, but only about his job.His father married again. Martino didn't like his father's new wife so
much, as she acted the great lady and he found her empty and
superficial, even if she was not an evil woman. Thus, gradually, he
lessened his visits. They communicated by telephone and sent each other
greeting cards for the main holidays.On the contrary they often met Lorenzo and Matteo. Also Lorenzo married,
so Matteo remained alone in their apartment. Matteo graduated at his
school and was now working in the best hotel of their city and was
satisfied. He got a girlfriend and took her to meet David and Martino.
Both Lorenzo's wife and Matteo's girlfriend knew about David and Martino
and accepted their relationship without the least problem.Martino lolita loguestbook ls preteen and David were more and more united they fit wonderfully
together. And like all the harmonious couples, one day Matteo made them
notice with tenderness they were more and more alike. It was true, in
fact the strangers often believed they were brothers.David changed his job. He entered as a partner in a small firm
specialized in renovations and interior design. The owner was an elderly
gay man, a friend of Lino who introduced them. Sandro, the owner, had
lived with Giovanni, his five years younger lover, for thirty-seven
years. They met when Giovanni was twenty-six years old and Sandro
thirty-one. Sandro at that time was married, but he didn't feel happy
with his wife. In the evenings he often went to the tavern to drink and
to play pool. He met Giovanni there and they became friends. The
freshness and quiet joy of living of the young friend fascinated him and
their meetings, their pool games, became for Sandro like an oasis.Giovanni was gay, and fell in love with Sandro. nude model toplist lola But knowing he was
married, he never made him understand his real sentiment. Sandro was not
a gay man, in the sense that he never thought, never desired, or just
imagined he could have a sexual relationship with another man, and even
less to fall in love with a man. But they were becoming more and more
close and intimate friends. One evening, going back home after their
usual pool game, possibly a little drunk both of them, at the moment to
part under Sandro's house, Giovanni pushed him in the accomplice shadow
of the entrance hall, leant against his friend and kissed him. Sandro
returned the kiss without a problem. Then they parted, bid goodnight to
each other.Later Giovanni, rethinking about what he did, regretted it he thought
that Sandro, when sober again, would get mad at him, would turn him
away, therefore he didn't show up any more. But Sandro reflected about
that unforeseen kiss all lolitas 12 yo nude the night long, while lying at the side of his
unloved wife. And felt, understood he was feeling desire towards his
friend, and accepted this, because he finally understood the love
Giovanni had for him. He needed to be loved, and if Giovanni was ready
to give him love... why not! Their friendship was deep, and the pleasure
to be together was great... Wouldn't it be beautiful to live near his
friend rather than his odious wife, who was quarrelsome, selfish,
beautiful but as silly as a goose?As he didn't meet Giovanni at the tavern any more, after a few days of
reflection while he matured those thoughts, went to look for him. And so
they became lovers, with mutual joy. Sandro divorced from his wife and
the two lovers went to live together. But Giovanni had his job lolita loguestbook ls preteen and he
didn't want to change it. Therefore Sandro carried on his activity
alone, just hiring a little team of workers.But Sandro was thinking to retire from his business and he wanted to
leave it in good hands. His workers were skilled but none of them had
the needed grit nubile russuan lolita movies to manage the little enterprise. When, thanks to Lino,
he met David, he was fascinated by his personality. Moreover the youth
had a very good preparation in his job's field as he was an accomplished
mason, plumber and electrician. So at first he proposed him just to go
to work for him and studied David more closely. He introduced him to
Giovanni and they became friends. And one day Sandro proposed David to
become his partner, and to prepare to take his place when he would
retire, and also to take over their firm. David accepted happily the
perspective to have an independent job fascinated him and also Martino
pushed him to accept.Now that they both earned good money, the two youths were rapidly
accumulating good savings. They decided not to change their modest
apartment, not to spend for the moment their savings for that they had
a more beautiful, urgent project, to buy the ruins of the mountain
house. They saved enough money and meanwhile did their cadastral
research to find out the owner of the ruins. The ruined house and a wide
piece of the forest surrounding it belonged to a religious institution
of sisters that got it as a legacy from a benefactor, an old lady, about
ten years before. It didn't give them any income, therefore the
religious institution was willingly ready to sell it.When they gathered the needed sum, they bought all the land with the
ruins. Then David started to restore all the first floor, obtaining in
it a kitchen, a bathroom and a bedroom, but they left the second floor
as it was, with its well tended, thick grass and the little David
between the stones of the still standing wall.And often, when the weather was fine, they renewed there the rites of
their love, their naked bodies, now mature but not less beautiful,
offered to the sun, to the nature and to the immense desire of their
lover.-----------------------------THE END-----------------------------In my home page nubile russuan lolita movies I've put some more of my stories. If someone wants to
read them, the URL ishttp://andrejkoymasky.comIf you want to send me feed-back (really appreciated, be it positive or
negative), please e-mail
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